How do I register for classes?
Registration is handled online and payment is processed through paypal.  Simply choose your class date, fill out the form, and continue to PayPal to purchase your seat in the course.  You do not have to be a member of to use this tool.

I see that some classes are 4 weeks long.  Are the classes $120 each or $120 total?
The class fees are $120-total for the entire 4 session series.

Where are the classes held? 
Live online via zoom.

When is the best time to register for classes?
Our classes fill quickly and we are often on a waiting list.  We advise families to submit their registrations around 20 weeks pregnant.  Early registration ensures your space in one of our classes.  It’s best for families to complete classes between 34-38 weeks pregnant (however we can work with other schedules). We want you to get the right class time for you!

Oops! I forgot to register and it’s close to my due date…
Contact us ASAP.  We may have a class available for you.  We like for families to complete classes no later than 38 weeks pregnant when possible.  Even if you’re 36-37 weeks, we may be able to squeeze you into a class.

Does insurance cover childbirth classes?
Childbirth classes are typically reimbursable via FSA or HSA accounts, however, please check with your individual policy/account to be sure.  Some other insurance companies have been know to reimburse from time to time.   We believe that childbirth classes are an important part of your healthcare plan and we encourage you to share the value of classes with your insurance company while requesting coverage and or reimbursement.  It never hurts to try, and the more people that do the more likely they are to begin coverage!

Can I bring someone with me to the class?
Absolutely!  We encourage all expectant moms to bring a partner with them.  Please try to bring someone who plans to go through labor/birth with you.  This can be a spouse, partner, friend, mother, sister, brother, or anyone else that you’re comfortable sharing one of life’s most intimate moments with!

My friend and I are both pregnant and want to take the class together, can we do that?
Sure, no problem!  We’d be happy to schedule you together if you have due dates near each other(and we have space in the class).  It’s best if you submit your registrations together, and both plan to bring a labor support partner just like you would if you were not taking the class with a friend. Registration includes 1 pregnant mother and partner, so both pregnant friends will need to register.

What should I bring to the class space?
You may want to bring a snack, some water, your birth ball,  or anything else that might make you comfortable. We know these classes are held on work nights and during the dinner hours.  Please be as comfortable as possible.

What time do classes end?
Classes starting at 6pm end no later than 9pm (sometimes before).

How many couples are in the classes?
The Zoom format allows for both small and larger classes. Some classes might be just a few people/families, while others may be upwards of 12+ couples. Early registration is suggested in-case we have to sell out a course.

Are your classes more about natural birth, or are they more hospital type classes?
Well, they are neither.  We strive to teach families about what’s normal in childbirth.  We offer an abundance of information, and encourage you and your family to make informed choices and decisions for yourself!  We understand that childbirth is a personal experience, and we know that knowledge is power! The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make decisions about the birth that’s right for you.   We respect the fact that different moms have different needs and therefore do not teach one “right” way to birth.  We strive to build a moms confidence in herself so that she then can make the best decisions for herself.

I’ve already had a baby, do you offer a refresher?
Not at this time.  Some families will re-take the course series for a refresher.

I have a few questions and my classes are over-who can I call?
On your confirmation letter, you will find a cell number for your educator.  Feel free to give her a call with any questions that you have.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my registration?
We are sensitive to the fact that sometimes plans change or the end of pregnancy brings a shift to your ability to attend class.  Unfortunately, we can only offer partial refunds for cancelations if we can replace you in the class. Think of your registration similar to a ticket into a show,  play,  or concert- once it’s sold, we will hold the seats just for you.  We often turn families away, or refer them to another educator in the area when a class is full. It is for this reason that we do not offer refunds for cancelations unless we can replace you.  So, if you need to cancel, the sooner the better; it gives us more time to try and find a replacement!  All cancelations have a $25 processing fee, so therefore, a refund would amount to $90.00 if we can replace you in the class. We do not offer refunds within 1-week of the class start date.

Does CET ever cancel classes?

It is rare for us to need to cancel/reschedule a class.  It does happen on occasion, sometimes due to weather(like an ice/tropical storm), illness, or other circumstances not within our control.  In the event a class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled as quickly as possible on the next available date.

Can I change my class dates if my schedule changes? 
Contact us as soon as you know of a schedule change.  We will be glad to work with you to try and change your class.  If you are within 3 weeks of your classes starting, we can offer transfers only if we can replace your spot in your current class.

What if I have my baby early and don’t get to finish classes?
Congratulations!  Welcome to parenthood!  As we have already paid our educators, we cannot offer a refund if you are unable to complete the classes that you are enrolled in.  We do hope that the class(s) you were able to attend were helpful and we’d love to celebrate your new one!  Send us a photo or shoot us an email.

Can you believe that I still have questions, even after reading the FAQ’s?
We’d be happy to answer any further questions that you have.  Feel free to email or call.  You can find out contact info on the contact us page.

How can I offer feedback about the class?
Feel free to email or call with comments or questions.  Also- positive feedback goes a long way for getting more moms into our classes.  Would you believe that some moms don’t think they need to take childbirth classes?  It’s important to get the word out from mom to mom as to why childbirth classes are important and helpful.  It also doesn’t hurt to share with your physician about any positive experiences you had in the class.  This might encourage them to continue to suggest the classes to new moms.

If you feel that the class is not meeting your needs, it is very important for you to share with your educator as the classes are going on.  As the educators are trying to tailor the classes for all in the class, at times we might not be able to fully reach all in our efforts.  All educators are open to hearing from participants and it is our deepest desire to make sure that you have everything you need from the classes.  Please, please, feel free to communicate with us before or after class or on our cell phones. Try not to wait until after the class series is over to talk to us, as this just doesn’t give us an opportunity to tweak what’s offered to better help prepare you for birth!

Our educators are continually seeking ways to make our classes the very best available and we welcome your input on what worked well and what you feel could have been better.  We are passionate about helping families prepare for their births and really do strive to help in any way that we can.